Blue Creek Cave & Nim Li Punit

Leaving at 7:00 am sharp we cross the Placencia lagoon, head on down the picturesque southern highway and after about 1.5 hrs. We arrive at the classic period Mayan site of Nim Li Punit ruins. There your knowledgeable guide will give you a thorough history of the ancient Maya as he takes you through the city where they once thrived until about 1000 A.D.
We then head on to a local restaurant with meals prepared to soothe your appetite. Another 45 min. drive will take you to the maya village of Blue Creek where you will prepare for an unforgettable adventure splashing up the Hokeb Ha Cave. With headlamps and life jackets in place you will venture through the Maya underworld to a waterfall inside. Refresh your soul as the ancient Maya elite once did in the cool waters of the Maya Mountains.